Wedding Trends For 2020!

What Are the Popular Wedding Trends For 2020?

For many people, weddings are an experience to look forward to and remember fondly. Here at Sound Of Harmony, we believe that your wedding should be one of your most beautiful moments as a couple and with great planning, you can achieve that.

Trendy weddings are beautiful and chic. When your wedding keeps up with the latest trends, people are bound to have a great time and remember it fondly. This is why we’ve decided to put together this list for our intending couples. It features the latest trends in wedding themes, size, fashion, flowers, décor and food when it comes to your 2020 wedding in Hamilton.

  • Wedding Theme

For wedding themes in 2020, relaxed and informal is the way to go. Couples are choosing to be more intimate and meaningful. This means that couples can keep their guest list small and then spend lavishly on the smaller group of people. Micro weddings of 40 and less people are quite popular.

Another theme that is on the ins is eco weddings. Climate change is a big deal in today’s world, so couples are choosing to go green with their wedding. We’re seeing trends like locally sourced food, paper straws instead of plastic and replanting of trees as wedding favors.

  • Wedding Fashion

For 2020, couples in Hamilton are still making sure that their wedding fashion is in sync with their wedding theme and wedding colors. Brides seem to be in love with wedding gowns that have pockets and gowns that are simple with sleeves are also on the in. You could choose to have it backless as a way of balancing out the sexiness. Lastly, flashy red lips seem to be sending the demure trend when it comes to wedding makeup on hiatus.

  • Wedding Flowers

With flowers, couples are sourcing local and going for bold/explosive colors with amazing scents. The bouquets in trend are those that are tidy with plenty of overflowing greenery. Flowers are also being incorporated unconventionally. We’re seeing things like flowers braided into hairs and even flowers frozen in ice.   

  • Wedding Décor

Weddings are going for brilliant lighting this year. Beautiful lights affect everything at your wedding from the atmosphere to your pictures. Mood lighting with exposed light bulbs and vintage chandeliers are also in vogue. We’re also seeing neon signage, led and also laser lightings become quite popular. If you reach out to us here at Sound Of Harmony, we can handle your wedding lighting. We’re experts in décor lighting too and can light up your wedding reception uniquely and beautifully.  

  • Wedding Food

For wedding food in 2020, couples are going personal with things like signature cocktails made by the couple and desserts that represent the couple’s tastes being served. Grazing and dessert tables are also becoming popular with cheese towers replacing the traditional wedding cake. For drinks, we’re seeing less wine and champagne, and more gin bars and cocktails.

  • Wedding Entertainment

For wedding entertainment this year, couples are including unconventional forms of entertainment like bouncing castles and photobooths to the traditional music used as entertainment. Some couples have even been known to have both a wedding band and a DJ!

Whatever trends you do decide to go with, just remember to make your wedding day your own and do what makes you happy as a couple. Wishing you the very best!

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