Favors & Cookies!

By Dori Jeavons

Wedding Cake with flowers

Spring is in the air!

Can’t you see it through all of the mounds of snow on the end of your sidewalk?


Well, it may not look like it, BUT, it’s just around the corner, as is your WEDDING DAY…YAY!

I have been browsing through various sites and have seen some gorgeous gowns. Some, subtle and delicate, others lush with cascading layers. The color schemes are also to die for; apricots, pastel blues and greens, lilacs and pinks. These aren’t the pastel pink taffeta dresses, with sky high shoulder pads we saw in our parent’s wedding album from 1983, this is a new age of sophistication and class…which I personally adore!

Wedding Tulips

Floral arrangements

They can be kept delicate but still pop with color by using some of these in your scheme.


Hydrangeas, Peonies, Lilacs, Tulips, Calla Lilies, Gerbera Daisies. I’m personally a fan of Hydrangeas as they come in multiple varieties and colors.

MMMMM…cake. My favorite part of the wedding! If you’re going with the pastels, then, why not go for the gusto and incorporate that theme in the wedding cake as well? It doesn’t have to be over the top, but, a little femininity never hurt anyone? I quite like the idea of a multiple tiered cake in a soft mint green or lavender, topped off with some fresh flowers.

You may not be “girlie” by nature, but, if there was ever going to be a day that you would entertain the thought of getting in touch with your inner Marilyn Monroe…this should be that day. Maybe not to the point of excess, you still want to be YOU, but…you with a little dab of pink lip gloss. Have fun with these colors! Put your own take on them and make this day shine!

Happy Wedding Day!!


-Written By Dori Jeavons